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Wellbeing Certification

Wellbeing Certification is the most complex system for training internal teams in organizations, which, for the first time, aims to develop competence in a whole new field: strategizing and implementing wellbeing programs.

The Wellbeing Navigator program is perfect for you if:
1 have always wanted to develop a wellbeing program and you did not know where to start
2 wish that "internal customer service" becomes a reality in your organization
....increased engagement is one of your constant concerns
... you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors through a human oriented employer brand
... you search for new methods of taking action against turnover

Road Map

Learn through experience

Develop competence in a whole new field, through experiential learning.

Access specialized consultancy

You get individual consulting hours, where you can address any organizational wellbeing concern.

Certify as a Wellbeing Navigator

You are certified at the end of the learning experience, and you have the right to use our methodology and all our tools in order to develop and implement a successful wellbeing program.

Connect with the specialists

You have the opportunity to learn directly from the source - the best wellbeing specialists on the market.

Get a turnkey program

Build your own wellbeing program for your organization, using a validated set of practices.

Validate brand communication with reality

Implementing a wellbeing program is the clearest form of "walk the talk" of the "we care about the people" statement.

Because we are a team of:

  • PRACTITIONERS who have successfully developed and implemented wellbeing programs
  • EXPERTS: who have connected the scientific content with the Romanian organizational environment, through 5 years of practice in the wellbeing field
  • ADVOCATES of a balanced ratio between professional&personal time
  • SCIENTIFIC APPROACH that delivers carefully selected knowledge, from psychology and sociology research, applied to the wellbeing field
  • UNIQUE METHOD developed around sets of values and competences that are specific to wellbeing practitioners
  • ADAPTED CONTENT that integrates feedback from more than 12,000 attendances to wellbeing programs

This program can be yours! Write us!


"This experience came into my life when I most needed it, at a difficult stage! The report and especially the meeting with the consultant made finding the path that leads to the individual I actually am easier for me, knowing how I can lean on my values when I make a decision, in personal or professional matters."


"Getting together with my values was more than revealing... A surprise, but in the same time, an acknowledgement of the things I knew about myself, but did not use consciously. It was that "date with myself" that I needed. Thank you!"


"I lead a team of 25 people and our job is a technical one, by definition, that gravitates around numbers and complex calculations. I discovered extraordinary things about how the words I use influence other people and that motivation comes from within, not from someone else."


"Congratulations for this tool that, as far as I know, is unique on our market. The online dialogue with the specialist made me deal with different feelings, but, in the end, the entire time we spent together was worth it! I can say that I came out of this experience being more aware of my values and a little more motivated!"


"The iValue report and also the counselling session with the Human Developer specialist have been fruitful to me for several reasons. I believe alignment to personal values is essential to living a meaningful life, in harmony with myself and the environment. Thanks to Life Journey Map, I have a clearly organised map of these values (yes, things are a little more complex than just choosing 3-5 values from a list), but also a small guide to using my inner resources. As I am at a stage where getting in touch with my personal mission is a priority for me, I’ve connected to my carrer values, which underline the mission. Wow, isn’t it?"


"You can't look inward, by looking in outward mirrors! It has been a real, extraordinary experience, that certified many personal things that I knew about myself. Through this experience I have seen a clear image of my inward world, my landmarks that make me be my self everyday. This 'inward mirror' is a true guide that we all should have at hand. A must-have for any person who embarks on a self- discovery journey! Even if you start by having an online test, the whole experience that the consultant offers you, boosts your self with emotions, answers and 'homework'. Thank you for the 2 hours of 'self-awareness-therapy'."