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"Travel a conscious journey"

Human Developer is proud to be the only certified company in Romania to use the Life Journey Map™, a unique tool of accessing the individual values map, which bears the signature of
Scott Bristol

Academic Education

Doctor of Education, University of Massachusetts, Major: Organizational Development
- A Systemic, Psychological, Contextual Model and Analysis of Planned Organizational Change, (1980); doctoral dissertation; two year action research case study focusing on the author’s implementing and leading of a public alternative elementary school.
Master of Education, University of Massachusetts; Major: Alternative Education and Leadership Bachelor of Science: Webb Institute of Naval Architecture; Major: Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture
- "Analysis of the Coefficients of Descriptive Maneuvering Functions Using Phase Plane Plot Techniques", (1971); an undergraduate thesis in the analysis of the coefficients of 2nd order non-linear differential equations of ship maneuvering. Completed in conjunction with, Ir. C.C. Glandsorp; TechnischeHogeschool Delft.


Stanford Graduate School of Business (2004-present)
- Lecturer in Organizational Behavior
- Director, Group Facilitation Training Program
- President, LJMap, Inc. (1997-present)

Applications of Life Journey Map™: TELUS Corp, Sandia National Labs, Veritas Corp, Ingersoll-Rand, American Red Cross, US Government, and NTL Institute.
- Director of Training and Organizational Development, (1993-1997).
Ziff-Davis Publishing. Responsible for: values and culture study during time of acquisition; first company wide performance management system; world wide senior executive development strategy- using multi-rater feedback as a coaching tool for individual and team development; "core competency" study of top sales performers to improve hiring and training of sales personnel.
- President, Ed Matrix, Inc, (1976- 1993)
Examples of Organizational Development assignments: Tri Valley Growers planning and implementing information systems change project; Western Digital executive level conflict resolution; Lincoln National Corp team incentive compensation for 12 regional offices; Allergan executive team building and integration of women executives into manufacturing and operations. ABS Inc. re-engineering of workforce; Federal Communications Commission team building and change consultation with Chairman and Bureau and Office Chiefs; Union Carbide Corporation training engineers in group facilitation skills.
- Post DoctorateStudy (1980-83)
Individual and family therapy, Greenfield Mental Health Center, MA
- Alternative Education, (1971-76)
Teacher and Principal, public education.
, lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business USA. Life Journey Map™ is a progressive learning experience, that can provide access to your potential, to your best self.

Since 2001, Life Journey Map™ was fine-tuned and used in thousands of individual and organisational interventions, throughout the US and Europe.

Any program or organisational intervention is based both on the cooperation competence of individuals and the internal level of motivation. Life Journey Map™ is a versatile tool that can be used in any situation of individual or organisational development, of building and managing teams.
Values Environment
- Individual Values Journey
We offer access to your individual values map, to your own internal GPS, to your motivating factors, to what you treasure the most.

- Organisational Values Journey
You discover the values that define your company's culture, how the individual values match with the organisational ones, what are the items that build the cooperation competence, what is the specific values toolkit that every team uses in the decision-making and problem-solving processes.
Wellbeing Environment
Creating a new wellbeing context, by exploring the following pillars:

  • - Vision: the map of the individual motivations that support the program, on various hierarchical levels
  • - Strategy: what are the objectives, how does the roadmap that leads to a human-based organization look like
  • Execution: developing the necessary internal competence, capable of transforming strategy into impeccable implementation
Life Journey Map9 Individual Life Journey Map Paths12 Organisational Life Journey Map Paths


"This experience came into my life when I most needed it, at a difficult stage! The report and especially the meeting with the consultant made finding the path that leads to the individual I actually am easier for me, knowing how I can lean on my values when I make a decision, in personal or professional matters."


"Getting together with my values was more than revealing... A surprise, but in the same time, an acknowledgement of the things I knew about myself, but did not use consciously. It was that "date with myself" that I needed. Thank you!"


"I lead a team of 25 people and our job is a technical one, by definition, that gravitates around numbers and complex calculations. I discovered extraordinary things about how the words I use influence other people and that motivation comes from within, not from someone else."


"Congratulations for this tool that, as far as I know, is unique on our market. The online dialogue with the specialist made me deal with different feelings, but, in the end, the entire time we spent together was worth it! I can say that I came out of this experience being more aware of my values and a little more motivated!"


"The iValue report and also the counselling session with the Human Developer specialist have been fruitful to me for several reasons. I believe alignment to personal values is essential to living a meaningful life, in harmony with myself and the environment. Thanks to Life Journey Map, I have a clearly organised map of these values (yes, things are a little more complex than just choosing 3-5 values from a list), but also a small guide to using my inner resources. As I am at a stage where getting in touch with my personal mission is a priority for me, I’ve connected to my carrer values, which underline the mission. Wow, isn’t it?"


"You can't look inward, by looking in outward mirrors! It has been a real, extraordinary experience, that certified many personal things that I knew about myself. Through this experience I have seen a clear image of my inward world, my landmarks that make me be my self everyday. This 'inward mirror' is a true guide that we all should have at hand. A must-have for any person who embarks on a self- discovery journey! Even if you start by having an online test, the whole experience that the consultant offers you, boosts your self with emotions, answers and 'homework'. Thank you for the 2 hours of 'self-awareness-therapy'."